University of Exeter

Admission to the university is competitive, with an average of more than six students applying for every undergraduate place (2012/2013). Nearly half the number of undergraduate applicants (49%) apply with expected grades of at least three As at GCE Advanced Level (A-level) examinations (or equivalent). The university gives offers of admission to 90.8% of its applicants, the 2nd highest amongst the Russell Group. Referring to data published by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) in July 2011, Exeter has a high percentage of entrants with A-level grades of AAB or above (74.3% in 2009/2010). Exeter also had the 7th largest number of students (2368) with A-level grades of AAB or above that entered universities in England in 2009/2010. Referencing the same HEFCE admissions data, The Daily Telegraph concluded that Exeter was one of twelve elite universities in England.

  • STUDENTS ENROLLED: 21.600 Full-time

  • CAMPUSES (4): Exeter, Streatham, St Luke’s and Penryn


  • INTAKES: Fall

  • TUITION AVERAGE: GBP 15.000 - 35.000

Academic Areas

  • Business

  • Biomedical, Life and Environmental Sciences

  • Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science

  • Humanities, Law and Social Science

  • Economics, Finance and Management

  • Physical Sciences

  • Accounting, Finance and Management

  • Psychology

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Curso: Business Certificate
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